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Running from her past, private detective Jacqueline Frye arrives in Whitechapel — where she follows the dangerous trail of a killer mimicking the infamous Jack the Ripper. Book one in a nail-biting mystery series! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla rutrum erat, vitae consectetur lacus sagittis eu. Curabitur massa odio, pharetra sit amet dapibus mollis, pharetra eget justo. Ut in ipsum vel leo gravida imperdiet nec ac lorem. In ultrices, nisi et tincidunt facilisis, nunc arcu elementum sem, in sollicitudin nunc urna non ...
When Tommy James and The Shondells released Crimson and Clover in 1968, they were up against numerous Rock and Roll legends at the time, including Elvis Presley, Jannis Joplin, Chuck Berry and the mighty Jimi Hendrix, yet they had a break through into fame. That just declares the greatness of the song. This remix is one for your collection.

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